Faculty: Craig Allin, Tori Barnes-Brus, Marty Condon, Erin Davis, Carolyn Zerbe Enns, Melinda Green, John Gruber-Miller, Leslie Hankins, Michelle HerderGenevieve Migely, Alfrieta Parks Monagan, Joseph Molleur, Michelle Mouton, Mary Olson, Christina Penn-Goetsch (co-chair), Shannon Reed, Kirilka Stavreva, Catherine Stewart, Jama Stilwell, Aparna Thomas (co-chair), Ellen Whale

The program in Women's Studies, which includes this interdisciplinary major, is supervised by a Committee composed of faculty members who teach courses dealing with the position and concerns of women. Cornell's offerings about women consist both of courses lodged in departments and courses offered by Women's Studies itself. This model seeks to integrate feminist scholarship into the curriculum of the disciplines themselves while also providing key courses that draw upon the interdisciplinary nature of Women's Studies.

Major: A minimum of nine course credits, which include WST 171, 271 or PHI 352 (Philosophy of Feminism), a 300-level alternative perspective course, WST 411, and 487; also four course credits selected from additional Women's Studies courses or from the list of departmental courses approved for Women's Studies credit. Alternative perspective courses include the following: POL 330 (Women and Politics: A Cross-National Perspective), 331 (Gender and Development), SOC 343 (Women: Oppressions and Resistances), 365 (Sexualities), 367 (Self and Identity), WST 301, or a relevant course approved by the Women's Studies committee.

Minor: A minimum of five course credits which include WST 171, 271or PHI 352 (Philosophy of Feminism), one Advanced Topics course at the 300 level, and two additional courses selected from the Women's Studies topics courses or other departmental courses approved for Women's Studies credit. These two additional courses may not be counted toward a major in another department or program.

171. Introduction to Women's Studies
Explores analytical frameworks for the study of gender-defining institutions, focusing on women in society. The course emphasizes approaches and methods that recognize the diversity and similarity of women's experiences across class, racial, and ethnic groups. A. THOMAS

271. Feminist Theories
Examination of a variety of theories about feminism, the nature of gender, and its relationship to biological sex, and women's and men's roles in society. Theoretical perspectives that posit reasons for the existence of privilege, oppression and various "isms" (e.g., sexism, heterosexism, and racism) will be examined as well as goals and strategies for social change associated with these diverse perspectives. Prerequisite: WST 171 or any course approved for Women's Studies major credit.

255 through 279. Topics in Women's Studies
Study of a selected topic of interest and concern in Women's Studies. See Topics Courses.

280/380. Internship: see Courses 280/380.

290/390. Individual Project: see Courses 290/390.

301 through 388. Advanced Topics in Women's Studies
Topics selected by the Women's Studies Committee. See Topics Courses. Prerequisite: WST 171, 271, or PHI 352.

393. Global Feminisms
The course will examine the meaning of "feminism" in a global context and study the ways in which local movements, national and international agencies have addressed the issue of gender oppression in the world. The course will also examine some of the issues that have become part of the global agenda for women over the last few decades. Particular attention will be given to women's movements worldwide and the multiple ways in which women have organized to improve their lives. Prerequisite: WST 171, 271, or PHI 352. Alternate years. (Social Science)

411. Seminar in Women's Studies
In-depth examination of the relationship between feminist theories and women's studies research. Topics include feminist epistemology, recent theoretical developments in women's studies, and their relationship to conducting research. Developing a thesis or practicum proposal in consultation with the instructor and an additional faculty advisor, project to be completed in the WST 487 Project term. Prerequisites: WST 171 and at least two additional courses that count toward a major in Women's Studies, and junior or senior standing. Alternate years. A. THOMAS

485. Research in Women's Studies
Individual research on a topic approved in advance by the Women's Studies Committee and directed by a faculty member approved by the Committee. The subject may fall within a traditional discipline or be interdisciplinary. Prerequisite: WST 171.

487. Project
A substantial culminating capstone for the Women's Studies major, developed in WST 411 and completed usually in the senior year. Consists of an original research/criticism paper, a creative writing/performance/exhibition, or a practicum, and a public presentation and defense. Prerequisites: WST 271 or PHI 352, and WST 411.

988. There are semester-long programs run by the School for International Training that have an emphasis on gender. The programs are in Mali, Jamaica, the Balkans, and the Netherlands.