222. Foundations of the First Amendment
Political thought from political practice to political philosophy. Recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings on the freedom of expression, the Constitutional background for the Court's ruling, and the arguments for freedom of expression. Readings include Mill's On Liberty, Supreme Course cases, works on current legal controversies, and John Milton. (Social Science) SUTHERLAND

225. Ethics and Public Policy
Contemporary studies in the standards that apply to political leaders and how they are explained, interpreted, and enforced. When taught off campus, registration entails additional expense. (Social Science) SUTHERLAND

315-319. Seminar in Political Thought
Examination of a particular topic or issue in political thought. Content varies from year to year. See Topics Courses. Prerequisite: POL 222 or 225. Offered subject to availability of faculty. (Social Science)

325. Anglo-American Constitutional Thought
Richard Hooker, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Benjamin Franklin, and other Americans considered as guides to the much admired and imitated American experiment in writing a constitution. Prerequisite: POL 222 or 225. (Social Science) SUTHERLAND

327. Revolutionary Political Thought
Modern writings for and against revolution, including Marx's Manifesto, Burke's Reflections, and Hardt/Negri's Multitude. Alternate years. Prerequisite: POL 222, 225, or permission of the instructor. (Social Science)