There is no departmental major or minor in Statistics. Students interested in entering graduate programs or careers in statistics should prepare by completing the Mathematics major that includes the sequence STA 347-348. It is also recommended that students also take STA 201-202.

201. Statistical Methods I
Elementary study of describing data. Data collection, descriptive statistics, estimation, and hypothesis testing as applied to one- and two-variable problems. Prerequisites: two years of high school algebra, and a writing-designated course (W). (Mathematics) STAFF

202. Statistical Methods II
A continuation of STA 201, Statistical Methods I. This course will explore in more depth several methods of analyzing data. Topics covered include linear regression (simple and multivariate), ANOVA (one- and two-way), and logistic regression (simple and multivariate). Prerequisite: STA 201. CANNON

347-348. Mathematical Statistics I & II
Typically the first term covers probability, random variables, sampling distributions and collecting data. The second term covers theory of estimation and hypothesis testing, linear and multiple regression, analysis of variance, and techniques for categorical data. The second term also includes a substantial data analysis project including written and verbal presentations. Prerequisites: MAT 122 and 301. Alternate years. CANNON