280/380. Internship: see Courses 280/380.

290/390. Individual Project: see Courses 290/390.

310. Theoretical Foundations in Elementary School Mathematics
This course is designed for Elementary Education majors. This course will focus on understanding elementary mathematical concepts and processes taught in the elementary (K-8) curriculum. Noted are the fundamental mathematical concepts most applicable for teaching at the elementary level: number and operations, algebra, geometry, data analysis and probability. Prerequisites: EDU 205, 215, 230, 240, permission of department chair, and sophomore standing. STAFF

320. Interdisciplinary Theory and Practice for the Elementary Classroom
Current K-6 methods in the teaching of visual and performance art and health and wellness. Special emphasis upon pedagogical strategies and theories needed to be an interdisciplinary classroom teacher. Required of all Education majors seeking K-6 certification. Prerequisites: Prerequisites: EDU 205, 215, 230, 240, admission to the Teacher Education Program, and junior standing. BOSTWICK

501. Academic Writing (1/4)
This course aims to provide students with deliberate practice in academic writing and critical thinking. Instruction will consist of a mix of large group class meetings, smaller group workshops, and individual conferences targeted in aiding students in refining their writing process and generating strategies for improvement. This course will encompass four blocks. Prerequisites: completion of a "W" listed course. DOYLE or FARMER

502-4. Academic Performance Tutorial (1/4)

College success depends on the ability to organize one's time efficiently and utilize critical thinking skills. This course will teach students the techniques needed to read a textbook carefully, take notes that will be useful, and approach college in a proactive and organized way. This course will encompass three blocks.Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor. FASHIMPAUR